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About Absolute Hospice

Absolute Hospice is a family-owned and operated. Our staff of professionals are all very compassionate and caring individuals with years of experience in their respective fields. We focus on the physical, spiritual, psychological and social needs of not only the patient but the family as well.

We specialize in pain and symptom management ensuring the patient is comfortable and pain-free, with a quality of life. We offer counseling and support services as well as therapeutic care including physical and occupational. Dietary counseling from a nurse is available as needed.

Volunteers Get It Done!

With a team of caring nurses and other professionals, Absolute Hospice provides personal care (hygiene, grooming, bathing, etc.) from our nurses and nursing aides.

Our trained volunteers sit with patients to give the caregivers a needed break, or hold a hand, share conversation or memories, enjoy favorite music, play cards, read a story, look at pictures, feed a pet, run errands, walk the dog, bake a cake or even share a hot meal.

Contact Absolute Hospice Today

Our on-staff Chaplain/Bereavement Counselors will focus on spiritual needs of the patient and family both during and after the end-of-life transition, We offer scripture reading, prayer, counseling, sacraments, sing-a-longs and worship-oriented music therapy, and other interfaith resources available to the client and family.

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