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We Make Securing In-Home Hospice Services Easy

It’s never easy putting a loved one in hospice care. Absolute Hospice makes the decision easier by providing compassionate physical, spiritual, psychological, and social care to our patients. We deliver outstanding hospice services to Houston area, Texas patients. You can rest easy knowing we will care for your family member like they are our own. We offer on-staff chaplain and bereavement counselors for you and your family member’s convenience. We work tirelessly to provide personalized care. For the best in-house hospice care in the region, contact us today.

Comfort Care

Our patient centered service will keep your loved one as comfortable as possible. Pain and symptom management are primary tenets of our services, and our nursing team is more than capable of handling both. We know how important this service is to our patients and their families, and we take it seriously.

Personal Care

In addition to alleviating pain, our team will care for your loved one's personal care tasks of grooming, hygiene and bathing with scheduled visits. By addressing these tasks, we can give you the time to spend quality time with your loved one.

Respite Care

Medicare respite services provide family members a break. Inquire to learn more about this service.

Therapeutic Care

Our comprehensive in-home services include therapeutic care, including physical and occupational therapy. Our team’s primary focuses are quality of life, control of pain and symptoms, and comfort care for both the patient and the family. Therapy is a significant part of what we do.

Dietary Services

Many of our patients have challenging dietary needs. RN's can discuss nutritional needs of the patient & make recommendations.

Bereavement Counseling

Moving a family member to in-home hospice care is a challenging time. Unfortunately, it is often the final step for our patients. Our involvement in your life does not end when we no longer care for your loved one. Instead, we offer bereavement counseling to help you through your grief.

Spiritual Support

In addition to our team of in-home licensed nurses, social workers, aides, doctors, and volunteers, our chaplains can provide spiritual support to you and your loved one. Our chaplains are as dedicated to providing dignity and comfort as every other team member.

We’re There During the Most Challenging Times

At Absolute Hospice, we believe hospice does not hasten or postpone death. Our services provide dignity and comfort for terminally-ill patients. As their illness runs its natural course, our clinical staff be there to provide the specialized care your loved one deserves. Contact us today to get started.

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