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Let Absolute Hospice Help

Often, patients and their families are referred to hospice by a physician or other medical professional (nursing home, hospital discharge planner, etc.). In other cases, the patient and their family may contact the hospice directly to determine whether hospice service meets their current physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. If after learning more about hospice, you believe that you or your loved one may be eligible, please contact us today.

Here Are the Steps You Can Take To Elect the Hospice Benefit

  • An Absolute Hospice representative will explain the services offered, ask some health-related questions to begin the eligibility assessment, and answer any initial questions you may have.
  • If the patient lives within Absolute Hospice’s service area and appears to be eligible for hospice, an appointment will be scheduled for a member of the Absolute Hospice team to visit for a more thorough eligibility review.
  • If this in-person review continues to indicate eligibility, the Absolute Hospice team member will answer any of your questions and walk the patient and family step-by-step through the process of electing the hospice benefit. Absolute Hospice also will coordinate the hospice certification process with your physician, if necessary.
  • A registered nurse will then visit the patient to conduct a thorough physical assessment and begin developing an individualized plan of care in conjunction with the patient, family, and the entire interdisciplinary care team. The nurse will also coordinate care with the patient’s attending physician, if applicable.

Contact Us Today

To learn more about Absolute Hospice and to see whether hospice is the right answer for you or a loved one, please call toll-free at 888-342-2523.

Contact Us Today to Get Started